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Morton CUSD 709 is pleased to be the recipient of federal funding through Title I and Title II programming. Title 1 funding is used to support reading and enhance math instruction. Title 1 funds pay for supplemental  staff members, materials, supplies and equipment. The Title 1 plans are in place at Grundy for targeted students and schoolwide at Jefferson. Title II funding this year  is used to support an overflow classroom teacher at Lincoln Elementary (this funding can vary from year to year depending upon need and enrollment.) Further questions can be directed to Superintendent Jeff Hill.



Morton Potter TV (MPTV) provides programs that highlight the Morton School District – meetings, musical and award programs, athletic contests and graduation are some examples. The MPTV crew is comprised of school district employees as well as community volunteers. Programs are available locally on cable stations, Comcast Channel 20 and iTV3 Channel 21. Programs are also available live and on demand through our online streaming feature on the Internet. Click the link “Online streaming” to access that feature.


With football season right around the corner, MPTV – (Morton Potter Television) would like to inform their viewers that there is now a fee to subscribe to the live media streaming of the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) network.

 An annual pass (twelve months) is fifty dollars, a seasonal pass (four months) is thirty dollars, and a one month subscription is only nine dollars and ninety-five cents.

“There are a lot of benefits a person will get from subscribing to MPTV’s NFHS network.  Not only can viewers watch any MPTV produced home game, they may be able to view away games if the other school is a participating NFHS network school. Another advantage is that they can watch any game in the United States on the NFHS network. So, if a person has a grandchild or a relative who plays sports at another school on the NFHS network, the individual can watch their sporting event too.” Bill Schock, District 709's coordinator of electronic communication and security said.

Subscribers also have the ability to watch games online whenever and wherever they want. They can watch from their smart phone, tablet, laptop, and with the new Apple TV app.

The programming on Comcast channel 20 and iTV-3 channel 21 will remain the same. It will continue to broadcast graduation, orchestra and band concerts, school board meetings and all of their original broadcasting on the channel as usual.

MPTV is also looking for local companies and businesses who are interested in advertising on their NFHS streaming site. This will also help MPTV fund its ongoing broadcast operations. The packages range from two-hundred fifty dollars to fifteen-hundred dollars. Any questions? Send an email to Bill Schock at [email protected].  

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