UPDATE: MCUSD 709 schools are closed through the end of this school year per the governor's response to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Morton 709 District


MPTV's 2019-2020 Volunteers


-Behind the Scenes-

Tim Cooper

Alex LeMasters
Ralph Mattia
Sean Mikel

Jeff Stephens


-On-Air Talent-

Todd Bisping
Jonathan Farrell
Brian Gordon
Lee Hall
Jeff King

Mike Kraft
Ryan Lindley
Greg Prichard

Nate Rugaard
Llew Smith
Craig Wright


2019-2020 MPTV Crew

MPTV Staff

Brooke Janes - MPTV Coordinator

Robyn Batsell - Videographer

Philip Belcke - Videographer

Becky Christianson - Videographer & Program Scheduler

Rachel Henderson - Videographer
Dawn Rademaker - Videographer

Kobe Tomblin - Videographer