Morton 709 Food Services

Morton 709 welcomes Crystal Lohnes, who oversees the new Morton CUSD 709 food service program.  After decades of using a contracted food service management company and some intense research including number crunching by CFO, Lisa Kowalski, the Board of Education gave their full support to bringing the management of the district’s food services back home. 


Ms. Lohnes and her team (which includes many familiar faces) are excited to do what they love to do... feed the children.


There will be some learning curves, but everyone is excited. Ms. Lohnes has been taste-testing recipes all summer to ensure the recipes provided will be appealing to students and staff. Don't worry. Orange Chicken and some other fan favorites made the cut, but there will be some new things, too.  Joining a food Co-Op helps the district purchase some in-season produce that will be a flavor changer and supports local food growers.


The members of District 709's food service team work hard Monday through Friday to provide our students with good nutrition and meals the students enjoy. Not an easy task and they are greatly appreciated!  Here is the September Newsletter