Virtual Backpack

Virtual Backpack is a place for Morton 709 families to receive flyers and other information from the district, schools, and community organizations. 


How do I submit a flyer?
All flyers must have approval. To get the flyer approved, please bring a hard copy of the flyer to Carolu Kizer at the district office, located at 1050 S. Fourth Ave. Morton, IL. 

1 to 1 Technology

Apple Family Share

If you own a iPhone, iPad or Mac, one way you can be more connected to your child’s Apple ID activity is through Apple’s Family Sharing program. Apple’s Family Sharing program allows you to share purchase made with your Apple ID to up to 6 people, share photos and calendars, find devices and set controls so that you approve all app downloads. Click "go" to view the document that helps you set up this feature.

Apple ID

How to create Apple ID's for students and how to manage/remove payment information associated with the ID.

Common Apps

A brief explanation of many of the common apps used in the district.

Connectivity Issues

Troubleshooting steps if you are having trouble connecting your iPad to a network.


The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) applies to operators of commercial websites and online services (including mobile apps) directed to children under 13 that collect, use, or disclose personal information from children.

Email Etiquette

Expectations for students when they are using the District's email system.

Email Issues

Troubleshooting steps to help if you are having trouble with your district email.


Common questions that are asked regarding the personal computing initiative.

iPad Apps

Lists of the required apps for the district's iPads and the prohibited apps. The lists change as needed, so please continue to review for the most current information.

iPad Damage Procedure

Procedure for damage or loss of iPads.

iPad Educational Expectations

The expectations for using the iPads in class.

iPad Restrictions

The district restricts certain features on their iPads. How parents can add additional restrictions.

iPad Troubleshooting

Having troubles with your iPad? Here you will find a flowchart for support and additional directions for troubleshooting steps.

iPad User Agreement

For purposes of this Agreement, all personal computing devices issued by the district are designated as “iPad”. This term should be interpreted broadly to include district iPads, other tablets, laptops, or any other district issued equipment, which includes a computer processor.

Parental Technology Tips

Hints for successfully navigating technology integration in the home.

Securly Parent Portal

Securly is the web filter used by District 709. Learn more about the features Securly has to offer parents here!

Student Safety Tips

Tips for keeping kids safe with electronic devices.